Puppy Placement: Making the Right Match, Every Time

At Midwest Bernedoodles, our mission is to create lifelong relationships for your family to enjoy. That is why we have an allocation process for our puppies rather than letting you pick a puppy based off of a photo. Like humans, each of our puppies has their own unique personality and will thrive in a certain environment. If you want to take your new Bernedoodle hiking, you don’t want a puppy who would rather take long naps all day. If you want a puppy for therapy work, a hyper active puppy won’t be the right fit. Today we are going to talk about our allocation process and why it is the best option for you and your future furry friend.

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles

The Wendy Volhard Temperament Test

We begin evaluating our puppies at an early age to be sure we have a good understanding of their social needs. We 100% believe in and follow the Wendy Volhard method in regards to temperament testing. The Volhard method requires us to evaluate each puppy in ten different categories:

  • Social Attraction
  • Following
  • Restraint
  • Social Dominance
  • Elevation
  • Retrieving
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Sound Sensitivity
  • Sight Sensitivity
  • and Stability

Each of these categories comes with a series of “tests” that help us evaluate where a particular puppy might fall. Then we determine if the puppy is best suited for companionship, a child’s playmate, protection services, or hunting or competition. One thing to note is that some dogs may be able to fill multiple of those roles, while another dog may only succeed in one of them.

Comparing Your Needs VS the Puppies Needs

When you fill out an adoption application with Midwest Bernedoodles, we ask you you to tell us a little bit about yourself. This glimpse into your life gives us the opportunity to gauge which kind of puppy might best suit you. An elderly couple looking for a quiet companion isn’t going to want the same dog that an active agility competitor might want, for example.

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles

We take the information you provide us in your application about your lifestyle, any preferences you might have and your ideal puppy and compare it to the pups we have available. Then we pair you together with your perfect pooch!

Unfortunately, for that reason your perfect puppy in your ideal color/gender may not be available in a given litter. We work with you closely during your adoption process to let you know what puppy is the best fit for your family. If for some reason you do not wish to go outside of your specified preference on color or gender, we will roll your deposit over to another litter until we find a puppy that fits your needs and desires.

Caring Breeders Care About Puppy Placement

Placing the wrong puppy in the wrong household is not only bad for the puppy and their new family, but also for the breeder. That is why we give 100% of our effort into matching the appropriate puppy to each family. At Midwest Bernedoodles we take pride in the puppies we produce. Pairing an active puppy with a laid-back family will not only cause the family and puppy distress, but could lead to a negative reflection of our program. We begin allocating puppies once they are seven weeks old and will be in touch with you every step of the way.

Our family has years of experience working with animals and we put that expertise to the test when matching you with your puppy. We welcome any questions you might have and will happily work to find you the puppy of your dreams! If you are ready to start your journey into dog-ownership, we encourage you to fill out an application and place a deposit on an upcoming litter.


Call us at (618) 779-6373 or fill out our contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.