Halloween Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

Halloween is such an exciting time of year. Ghosties, ghouls and, of course, plenty of candy! While this can be a super fun time of year for you and your kiddos, there are some practices you should put into habit to keep your pet safe. Here are some Halloween tips to make sure that this Halloween isn’t hiding some extra tricks up its sleeve.

Keep the Candy for the Kids

As tempting as it can be to share snacks with our furry friends, candy is a definite no-no in a doggy diet. Did you know that chocolate, even in small doses, can be lethal to your pet? Many candies are loaded with the artificial sweetener xylitol, which is also poisonous to dogs. Xylitol can lead to a dangerous drop in blood sugar, causing stomach upset, liver failure or seizures! And as if the concerns of toxicity weren’t scary enough, hard candies can be choke hazards for your pet as well.

If you have kiddos in the house, be sure to sit them down and explain how important it is that they do not sneak sweet treats to your dog. Always store your candy supply in an area where you dog can not reach them (and for safe measure, putting them in a container with a lid is always a good idea!).

Watch the Door

If your house is a hot-spot for eager trick-or-treaters, it may be best to place your pet in another room or tucked away safely in their kennel. Door darting is a nasty habit and can be heartbreaking if your doggy manages to escape while you are filling up buckets with delicious treats.

Dogs who may not be fully socialized yet may also be frightened by the frequent doorbells, visitors and strange costumes. All of this could lead to high stress-levels in your pooch, which can sometimes bring out some less-than-desirable behaviors. As fun as it might be to include your pup in on the festivities, he or she may actually be happier taking a nap in another room.

If your dog will be joining you for the fun, be sure they are easily identifiable with a collar and name tag. As most trick-or-treating is done at night, we recommend a glow in the dark collar so that if he or she does happen to escape, they are easily seen in the dark.

Dangerous Decor

Halloween means spooky decor and fun costumes, all of which can be tricky to navigate if you have a dog in your home. Be sure that all wires are tucked away and out of reach, we don’t want your pet thinking that they would make fun chew toys! Other potential hazards include jack-o-lanterns with candles inside as your pet might knock them over and start a fire and edible decorations such as pumpkins or cornstalks could lead to stomach sensitivity.

As fun as it is to dress our furry friend up for Halloween, it can sometimes cause undue stress on our pet. If your dog has never worn puppy attire before, Halloween may not be the day to give it a go. Some dogs don’t like the confinement that comes with wearing clothing. If your pet is accustomed to pet apparel, make sure your costume of choice is well-fitted, does not have any parts that your pet could chew and choke on, and be sure to let them try the costume on before the stress of the big night arrives!


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