Add a Bernedoodle to Your Family: Understanding Guardianship

Do you want to add a Bernedoodle to your family, but aren’t sure if you can afford the up-front investment? Then do we have the program to you! At Midwest Bernedoodles we pride ourselves on providing exceptional lives for our mommy and daddy dogs. With that in mind, we have implemented a guardianship program which allows our breeding dogs to live in-home with forever families! Interested in becoming a guardian for Midwest Bernedoodles? Keep on reading to find out all the details!

What is a Guardian Home?

The most important thing to us is that all of our breeding stock live normal, happy, healthy lives. We do not manage a kennel atmosphere that is generally associated with breeding. Instead, we place members of our breeding program into real homes with real families.

So how does this work? After we select a puppy, we place him/her at no charge to an approved guardian family. Guardians are responsible for raising, training and providing all care for their Bernedoodle throughout the dogs lifetime. Ownership and full breeding rights of the dog is maintained by Midwest Bernedoodles. In exchange for providing a top-rate home to the dog, ownership will be transferred to the guardian home once the dog is retired from their breeding career. We will pay to spay/neuter the dog upon retirement. In turn for all of this, your dog will get to live out his/her days in their forever home!

How Does it Work?

Certain costs are incurred by Midwest Bernedoodles, while others are covered by the guardian home. All veterinary costs related to breeding for both male and female breeding dogs are covered entirely by Midwest Bernedoodles.

Male guardian dogs will have to return to Midwest Bernedoodles for very short periods of time to sire. Female breeding dogs will return to Midwest Bernedoodles to be bred and then again just before birthing. Female breeding dogs will stay with Midwest Bernedoodles to deliver, nurse and wean her puppies, which is about 7-8 weeks. The breeding career of our female dogs are usually 4 litters.

We know it is tough to be away from your dog for long periods of time, so we encourage families to make scheduled appointments to visit your dog while they are raising their beautiful Bernedoodle babies.

So How Do I Become a Guardian?

So you want to become a Guardian for Midwest Bernedoodles? That is AWESOME! We would love to have you. Because of the nature of this program, however, we do have certain qualifications that applicants must meet.

All guardian families must own their residence and live within 35 miles of our home base in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Applicants should be willing to let Midwest Bernedoodles schedule home visits periodically and provide monthly update photos for our website and social media. Dogs in the guardian program should not be left alone for long periods of time and guardian homes should have physical fencing to ensure a safe environment.

Guardian families should have reliable transportation and should understand that they will have to return the dog to our home base when necessary. You will be required to feed a diet selected by Midwest Bernedoodles, as well as follow guidelines regarding basic veterinary care, vaccine schedules, flea and tick prevention, grooming and more.

We do require that all of our guardian homes enroll the dog in obedience classes with our trainer. A proper socialization program should be set in place to make sure that the dog is acclimated to dogs, people children, etc.

Families who are interested in becoming a guardian for one of our Bernedoodles should email Darah at


Call us at (618) 779-6373 or fill out our contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.