Bernedoodles: So Many Options!

Bernedoodles come in all shapes, sizes and colors! There truly is a Bernedoodle for every family. Today we will discuss some of the many different options that you have when adopting a Bernedoodle.


We discussed the different types of coats you will find in Bernedoodles in last weeks blog. But the type of coat your pup has isn’t the only thing that makes each Bernedoodle unique; there are a variety of coat colors you can choose from as well.

The most common coat color is tri-color, which mirrors your pup’s Bernese Mountain Dog lineage. A trademark of this coat is the bold brown “eyebrows” against the mostly black coat.

Other deviations of tri-color are the bi-color coats (black and white, similar to a Border collie) and the Phantom coat. The Phantom coat resembles the traditional tri-color coat, but will have very minimal to no white markings.

Solid colors are also a possibility in Bernedoodles and our Australian Bernedoodle puppies have the potential for more unusual colors such as chocolate, golden, sable tri-color or even parti color! The coat color of each puppy is up to mother nature and while we can make a scientific guess as to what colors a particular litter may include, there is no guarantee that your desired color will be available in every litter.


If you love the look of the Bernese Mountain Dog, but don’t have room for a dog of that size then our Bernedoodles are a great option for you! Bernedoodles can come in Standard size, Small Standards, Mini and Micro Mini. At this time, our program will mostly focus on Standards, Small Standards and Mini’s.

So what is the difference? Standard sized Bernedoodles are perfect for those of you who want a sizeable pooch. These pups will mature to be around 75-90lbs. This is the size that is most traditional to the Bernese Mountain Dog.

If you still want a bigger dog, but not quite that big then there is the possibility of a Small Standard pup. Small Standard Bernedoodles will grow to be anywhere from 50-75lbs, a great size for many families.

Our Australian Bernedoodles will vary anywhere between Small Standards and Mini’s. Mini Bernedoodles are the smallest option and will mature around 30-50lbs.


We have talked before about the different generations of Bernedoodles and how that affects coat type. As a refresher, F1 Bernedoodles are first generation crosses. These puppies are half AKC Bernese Mountain Dog and half AKC Standard Poodle.

F1B Bernedoodles is a cross between a first-generation Bernedoodle and an AKC Poodle. F2 puppies have parents who are both Bernedoodles. F1B and F2 crosses are more allergy-friendly than F1 crosses.


Our Australian Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and an Australian Labradoodle. These puppies will also be allergy-friendly.

If Bernedoodles are a new-to-you breed, we encourage you to read some of our other blog posts especially our What is a Bernedoodle blog. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!


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