What is an Unfurnished Coat?

When you picture a “doodle,” you often think of that signature “scruffy” coat, but did you know that in doodle breeds, you also have the genetics to get what we call an unfurnished coat? So what is a furnished versus an unfurnished coat, what do these dogs look like, and what does that mean for you as the potential adopter? This week, we dive into the science behind coat genetics and share what a dog with an unfurnished coat looks like!

Understanding the Science and the Physical Presentation

For starters, we will share a photo of a dog with a furnished coat. The key difference in a dog with a furnished coat versus one with an unfurnished coat is the facial hair. Dogs with furnished coats have that signature doodle hair all over, including their face. While it is cute, it does require a significant amount of grooming throughout your dog’s lifespan. This is just one of the things to consider when adopting a furnished doodle of any sort.

One thing to note is that the curly coated gene does not indicate furnishing or the lack thereof in a Bernedoodle. The furnishing gene affects facial hair and what some people refer to as the “bearding.” A unfurnished dog can still have a curly coat, but their lack of furnishings will show in their facial hair.

How do we know if a puppy will be furnished or unfurnished before their coats are finalized? Genetics! We do genetic testing on our puppies for full transparency and so that all of our adopters know what they will be getting in their new addition.

So What Will My Unfurnished Puppy Look Like?

As we mentioned, the furnishing gene only impacts the bearding and facial hair of your puppy. Unfurnished puppies have a Stella
smooth face. In Bernedoodles, this greatly resembles their Bernese Mountain Dog ancestry. We have included a photo of a Bernese Mountain Dog for an example. Notice how the dog to the right has a smooth face? While your unfurnished Bernedoodle puppy won’t look EXACTLY like their BMD lineage, it is a great starting point for this conversation.

When looking at genetics, puppies with a FF gene will have a furnished coat. Those with a IC (incomplete coat) coat will be unfurnished.

For those looking for a BMD-type dog with healthier shedding habits (pure bred BMD’s are high shedders, multigenerational Bernedoodles are allergy friendly, non-shedding), the unfurnished dog may be the right option for you! Grooming expenses are much less costly, they have the more “traditional” look, although colors can vary which is fun and exciting, and the great personalities of the multigenerational Bernedoodles!

Bernedoodle Perk: Bernedoodles have a higher life expectancy than Bernese Mountain Dogs because of the genetic diversity and hybrid vigor!

unfurnished coat bernedoodle

Want to know what an Unfurnished Bernedoodle looks like? We have included a few photos (courtesy of our friends at Bluegrass Bernedoodles) below for you to see!

As you can see, both furnished and unfurnished puppies are ADORABLE! It all comes down to personal preference on your daily maintenance and upkeep with your dog. The great thing is that no matter which direction you go, you get the wonderful temperament and disposition of the multigenerational Bernedoodle!

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